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I’m Jose Mieses, a frontend developer from the Dominican Republic. At the beginning of my career I started learning Networking at a community college. But , Around November 2018 I decided to study html and css on my own. I read Html and Css by Jon Duckett, watched some videos on YouTube, and more. Later on I started to learn Javascript because it was something that intrigued me. I have learned so many things about Javascript and my main goal is to become a Full-Stack Developer.

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Tus Movies Library

This is a Movie library built with React Js and Redux which manage the state of the entire project. It provides thousands of movies base on their genre, also it displays a list of most popular, most rated and upcoming movies. When you click on a movie, it will show more details about that specific movie and if that movie has a trailer, you watch it as well. You can also search for an specific movie.

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Beyond Sport Academy

A non-profit business that help those who play baseball in different country specially in The Dominica Republic. Thoughout donation, Beyond Sport Acadamy (BESA) will help players to study and play baseball in The United State. It provide English classes, college preparation and baseball trainings

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My Porfolio

This is the my portfolio website. In here you will see all my projects. It is very responsive and for the design that i made it is easy to add more projects later. I used Sass and css grid to layout the entire page.

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Weather app

This is a weather app I built with, Sass, Javascript and Webpack. It will ask for your location and it will get the weather for the current location and also for the location you want to search. I also used the MVC patther to design this with webpack.

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To-Do List

I built this to-do list using javascript. It keeps track of the current day and give you the count of how many task you have and you can add or delete.

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